Legacy Plant Energy Fields


Pure energy fields of primal plants. My family have collected these and passed them on for generations.

They come packed into Epsom Salt for preservation through airport radiation checks.

You have to dilute them with spring water at your end to release the water from the salt carrier. If you keep them out of direct sunlight and heavy radiation, the energy field could last indefinitely. You’ll know when they dissipate.

Dosage: 2 drops under the tongue twice a day as close to sunrise and sunset as possible.

Herbs are living beings with spirit and choice, they are our angels, no less. In their energy field form, they work differently from the physical properties. They change the way we manage energy in bodies and heal chronic and long standing problems that show up in different ways instead of fully going away.

Here are some of those I use the most often, I’ve got more than I can make an inventory of at this time. More will be added to this list as they come into my awareness by someone needing them.

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I’ve been blessed to get legacy energy fields from my ancestors. These were made a long long time ago, I don’t know how long ago. My Granddad passed them on to me before he passed on.

How these are different from say – the dilutions of herbs you can get at homeopathy stores, is the consciousness. Water carries consciousness of the prover – the one doing the dilution, handling the water. Our family has maintained that the most powerful prover is the one who needs the medicine, to whose call for help, the plant reveals itself.

Through time as a plant revealed itself the energy field was preserved.

I was hesitant to give them to others in their raw form because they can be such troublemakers. But someone recently said to me that they valued my medicine precisely for that reason.

I also think people these days are more energy sensitive than I’ve seen in my life; perhaps it is because of the times, and how the human consciousness is drastically changing.

I now offer these for sale on my website for those who dare to take them. I make no promises of how they’ll behave. They’re living beings mind you, some of them go back thousands of years when the plants didn’t even look like they look now, the ancestors of today’s plants. When you invite them into your life you’re asking for change on a deep level, a depth you might not know you have, in places of your subconscious you might not have ever been aware of.


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Mistletoe, Pomegranate, Datura, Spikenard – Nardostachys Jatamansi, Lotus, Wheatgrass, Almond, Gingko, Fig, Grape, Heather, Houseleek – Sempervivum, Holy Basil, Rose – Rosa Canina, Damiana, St. Ignatius Bean, Snakeroot – Rauvolfia Serpentina, Wild Orchid – Tropical, Meadowsweet Grass, Arnica Montana, Saffron