Bone and Joint Health in Cats


This herbal treatment is for use in recovery from injuries from broken bones and healing torn ligaments and tendons.
Good for cats of all ages, it supports robust development of the bones of growing kittens, supports maturity of bone tissue in young cats and prevents joint an soft-tissue diseases.

It also helps older cats maintain bone health through supporting bone marrow health, supports circulation for healthy and elastic bone tissue – reducing the impact of degenerative and congenital conditions. This treatment contains herbal extracts rich in the mineral silica which works with calcium in enabling strong bone growth in the body.

It doesn't end there. These herbal extracts strengthen and stimulate cartilage repair. They help balance the lubricating compounds in the joints to support bone, muscle and cartilage healing.

Furthermore, if your cat needs support in recovery from injury or bone damage, from surgery or bone cancer medical treatment, this herbal tonic will help towards bringing swelling and pain down while supporting healing.

Guaiacum, Elecampane, Yarrow, Rosehips and Equisetum as well as the Bach Flowers Oak and Rescue Remedy

Please note: These are just the usual herbs used for this condition. I do not have bottles sitting on shelves with this recipe. I prepare each treatment from scratch for each individual for that time, using only what is best suited to that individual's unique requirement and using seasonal and freshly made herbal extracts where I can. I also often split the treatment into 2 or 3 for specific times of day where that can make a difference.


2 oz – 56 ml

This treatment contains herbal extracts of:
Guaiacum, Elecampane, Yarrow, Rosehips and Equisetum

Bach Flowers are at least (or perhaps more) important as the physical herbs themselves, because they address the underlying factors which allowed the health defect to develop in the first place.

This treatment contains the Bach flower remedies:
Oak and Rescue Remedy

Usual Dosage:
2 – 5 drops twice daily

Additional information

Weight 120 g