Herbal Medicine to Reverse Tooth Decay, Dental Rehabilitation


Alfalfa, Horsetail, Uva Ursi, Mistletoe, Nettle, Hawthorn, Wheatgrass, Dandelion, Fig, Poke Weed, Kelp with Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, Wild Rose, Pine, Vervain

4 oz – 113 ml

Usual Dosage:
10-20 drops thrice a day or as specified on your bottle

Important Notice:
Due to Govt. restrictions, I am not able to post out treatments at this time.
I am, however, available for email consultation for people and pets, to help you choose the combination of herbs likely to work the best in your situation; and give you information if you need it, on how and when to mix them, and take them.
Herbal tinctures can be purchased locally or on the internet in your country.


Alfalfa, Horsetail (Equisetum) and Uva Ursi are kidney tonic herbs,/b>. They’ve got the nutrition the kidneys need. The kidneys cannot not be helped by them.

Mistletoe (Viscum Album) slowly brings the body back to temperature balance, and with it every other hormonal imbalance is solved. I’ve watched it do a phenomenal job so many times, and it doesn’t cause any problems doing it, so I definitely put it in if I think it could help.

Nettle and Hawthorn help the blood carry more oxygen, and this helps in big big ways.

Wheatgrass and Dandelion are for the whole body, but specifically to help the liver throw out toxins better. When you’ve had weak kidneys and imbalanced blood pressure for a while toxins tend to accumulate and the liver is often stressed out as a result. Wheatgrass and Dandelion have so many benefits it’s impossible to mention them all. They’re very very good.

Fig, Poke Weed and Kelp or Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosis – a sea weed)

These are for the parathyroid gland.

Fig’s a fruit and what a fruit it is! The key to being healed by Fig is to have a little of it often – like two or three times a week. Again, I prefer my herbal extract of fig in vinegar because a few drops of it is equal to a 2 inch piece of it and that’s more than enough in a dose.

The Fig does something very few other botanicals do – it helps clear out bone and tooth toxins. Bone and teeth vibrate at a very low earth frequency – they’re not frenetic like the brain or even like the heart. They’re slow, like the rocks. This is why they don’t do well when the body’s adrenalized all the time. The Fig has just the energy frequency as the bones and teeth. It gives them a nice slow massaging push towards health and throwing out poisons comes naturally as part of that. (Fig is one of my five super-antioxidants to fight cancer and tumors.)

Phytolacca or Poke Weed or Poke Root
A little of this herb goes a long way. Some times the body is trying to throw out something lodged deep in the bones or teeth from a long time ago (could even be inherited) and this shows up as the teeth trying to ‘shed’.

Phytolacca supports the glands of the body in throwing out toxins stuck deep within tissue, so it can be the critical little detail that makes the big difference.

Kelp or Bladderwrack – sea weed in general, doesn’t need to be taken in a big dose. A few drops in 100ml of other herbal extracts or water, and that taken a few drops twice a day, is enough. That’s not only a source of vital minerals for the body – something everyone could do with – but sea weed has the intelligence to help the body get back to balancing thyroid and parathyroid and metabolic function in general.

The sea sees everything, and it isn’t always peaceful. Its tides are overwhelming and drastic and they change. Sea weed grows in this atmosphere and holds its own. This is an intelligence that can help us learn to maintain energetic and therefore emotional and physical balance.

This herbal treatment works best when accompanied by a breathing exercise and some changes to diet which are described on the page: Herbs for dental health, to reverse tooth decay, loss of enamel and plaque formation .

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