About Us

I am Caraf Avnayt, practitioner of the traditional healing method of a hebrew pre-judaic matrilineal line. I am currently posting treatments out of Pune, India. Our methods and perspective on healing, have been carefully preserved and passed on for generations.

Our matrilineal line and traditions had almost died out when a Scotsman met and married Vina Avnayt - the last matriarch of our family before the 2nd world war. They had three daughters but were separated from them by war before the learning could be passed on.

Circumstances prevented the teaching from being passed on fully to anyone before finally, long after Vina Avnayt had passed on, John tracked down their great-great-grand-daughter (me - Caraf) at the age of three and taught me as much as he could.

What I learned from John Waltham is the bulk of my practice today and has been presented on this website through various articles.

John Waltham - Our Teacher

my_teacher_john_waltham John Waltham was married to Vina Avnayt, the last matriarch of our family before the second world war. His mother after who he named me, was Caraf from Llandrindod Wells (Wales). His father was Gaelic, from the Hebrides Islands of Scotland.

John lived long enough to become master of the craft, and pass it on to us, his great-great-grandchildren. He was a master of energy field analysis. He only needed to look at a person to know exactly how to get their energy flowing normally. He collected precious samples of natural energy fields from five different continents and dictated the description and use of these in Caraf Avnayt's Herbal Energy Medicine. I am still nowhere near comprehending let alone publishing all that he passed on to me.

He is no longer with us in body but everything I do and am is the result of his loving cultivation and hard work.

Caraf Avnayt - Energy Medicine Preparation

caraf_avnayt I'm Caraf Avnayt. I was introduced to this system of energy medicine made of the subtle energies of plants by my great-great-Grandfather John Waltham at the age of 3. Repeatedly shamed and ridiculed for speaking about it as a young child, I never spoke a word about it again to anyone till the age of 29.

By that time I'd gone through the whole gamut of falling severely ill, trying medication, trying nutrition changes etc. There came a stage in my journey when I had to move beyond all those, or live in a twilight state of partial healing - because there are some things herbs and energy medicine from herbs can do that nothing else can.

So I tried my own medicine, felt the difference and decided to finally stand up for what I truly believed in, the truth my body testifies to. I started writing about and making energy medicine from herbs publicly.

I discovered that even though there is no one else anywhere in the world who practices our form of herbal energy medicine, we have some things in common with the recent (compared to our ancient) modality of homeopathy. People do understand the value of subtle energies from nature to heal as opposed to substances that work strictly on a physical level.

I found very early on that it is convenient for my clients if I provide both the pure energy medicine for the deep healing and the herbs with their physical properties to manage the symptoms along the way - providing therefore a complete holistic treatment program. We even have a whole website dedicated to our physical herbal medicine with combinations of botanicals you won't find anywhere else and which are proven effective over generations of our family.

There are issues energy medicine from botanicals can resolve that nothing else can. This is the gentlest form of treatment I know, with the most long lasting effect. It is easy to carry around, easy to give children and animals, and immediate first-aid for any sort of shock or trauma.

If you require energy medicine made especially for you after a thorough analysis of what you need at this time, please visit the order page and let me be a part of your healing.