Inverse Energy Field Treatment is an alternative healing method involving the use of energies from nature given through magnesium salts or charcoal powder in pure water.
Caraf Avnayt's Herbal Energy Medicine
Alternative treatment to release energy blocks and correct energy flow patterns.

Hand-Made from flowers, herbs and minerals from the Himalaya & Blue Mountains of India, specifically for each individual. Inverse energy signatures are charged into pure water and then into Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) for preservation upto 8 months. Dissolving one pinch of the salt in water, take 2 drops twice a day for six months continuously. Stimulates the body through the Inverse Energy Field to re-balance itself without interfering physically. Works to heal by bringing trapped emotions and memories to awareness, releasing buried tension and energy blocks.
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Holistic Treatment of Weight Gain as a side-effect of Steroids or other medication.

Holistic Energy Medicine - Herb and Flower Essences Used An energy field exposed to substances that drastically alter the quality and behavior of electricity in the body, like steroids and medication composed of psychotropic drugs, has to harden up considerably to be able to withstand the onslaught. In the case of medication where the person feels they have no option but to take the drugs to keep functional and alive, the energy field tolerates the external substance for a while patiently. After a while though, the energy field refuses to be alright with it. We are all innately opposed to a life that is dependent on anything constant that is not an every day choice. In fact we rebel against anything that is forced on us - even if our brains are convinced we need it.

Now, the energy field needs huge amounts of energy to be in a state of 'passive rebellion'. I say 'passive' rebellion because the energy field is still there supporting the body. It has to show you though that things are NOT OK, and weight imbalances are one of those shout-outs.

You need to decide to get your self back to COMPLETE health and a natural working of your body. Medication and especially steroids are NOT a permanent thing in anyone's life - if it were your own body and spirit would not rebel. Ask your doctor to guide you to physical independence again. If your doctor knows of no other options, get creative, and try new things.

There are MILLIONS of people who having been told they had to stay on Thyroid or Asthma medication for life, used other options - yogic breathing exercises called Pranayam being among the most common - and have become independent of medication. You just need to believe that God didn't create you to depend on expensive draining medication that doesn't let you have the body you want to live in.

There are breathing exercises, which if practiced for 30 minutes a day (or 30 minutes twice a day in the case of very serious long standing problems) can absolutely rehabilitate the Endocrine System (Thyroid etc) and get you to the point of being cured as opposed to 'controlling a disorder' which is what steroids and medication do.

Besides learning to breathe deep as slowly as possible, hold the breath in and then slowly breathe out; a special breathing exercise called 'Anulom Vilom' in Sanskrit, is great to balance Hormonal activity. It involves sitting or lying down with your back (spine) straight. You then close your right nostril and breathe in with your left. Then you close your left nostril and breathe our through your right. Then you breathe in through your right nostril, close it, and breathe out through your left. It's really easy once you get the hang of it. It balances body temperature almost immediately and has innumerable benefits - from revving up the digestive system to clearing up skin pigmentation!

You need to do these on an empty stomach or 2/3 hours after a meal, and sitting or lying down with your back bone straight.

Get yourself clinically tested regularly and you'll see your progress. Your doctor will gradually lessen your medication and will even get you to stop when you have the tests to show you're completely back to normal functionality!

Pranayam exercises clear the Energy Field and awaken all the corners of your system to release stored up energy so the glands of the body begin to function normally.

Therapeutic Energy Medicine for Weight Imbalance can be safely taken with any form of medication, herbal medicine or homeopathy. While all these work on the body by being absorbed into the digestive, blood, or astral stream, Energy Medicine works by energizing the actual Pranic Center of the energy Field. If you were a circle, this point is the center. It is the first point of you as you were formed inside your mother's womb. It is the point from which your energy field receives cosmic energy - which is unlimited and unpolluted.

Energy Field Treatment gets our center to release this undiluted vital energy to all the parts of the energy field - and consequently body - where a lack or surge of energy has caused a malfunction in the working of body parts and systems. This vital energy, absorbs and passes out all un-required energies, balancing out the flow of cell electricity in the body.

Energy Medicine also clears up the energy field so cell electricity surges and drops never become pronounced enough again to take a toll on the sensitive workings of the body. You cannot help but heal and be absolutely rejuvenated in an atmosphere of free and balanced energy flow through the system!

The composition of my Energy Medicine for Weight Gain as a side-effect of Steroids/Medication is as follows:

Inverse Energy Field 1) Inverse Energy Field combination of [ White Lily & Sesame ] to energize the center and purify the energy field.
Inverse Energy Field 2) Inverse Energy Field combination of [ Antimony & Honeysuckle] for the grounding and balancing of strong emotional energies.
Inverse Energy Field 3) Inverse Energy Field combination of [Soya Bean & Honeysuckle] to balance the release and retention of vital energy in the body.
Inverse Energy Field 4) Inverse Energy Field combination of [Wild Rose & Wheat Grain] to soothe over-simulated endocrinal glands, and balance the production of hormones, pheromones and lipids (fat storage mechanism) in the body.
Inverse Energy Field 5) A balance of Inverse Energy Fields to balance the endocrine/hormonal glands that facilitate and balance the absorption of nutrition, oxygen, and vital energy from the environment through the stomach and intestines, through the Kidneys, Liver and Lungs - keeping the required energy forms and releasing the rest smoothly. A balance in this energy axis ensures robustness in the ability of the body to adapt to surrounding energies and change while maintaining balance from within. I choose the Inverse Energy Fields best suited to the individual's specific need.
Inverse Energy Fields (6) and (7) are combined together first before being mixed in with the other Inverse Energy Fields. These are chosen specifically for an individual and usually contain few or more of the following Inverse Energy Fields:
[Holy Basil] & [Neem (Azarichta Indica), Lotus, Melissa Officinalis, Fennel, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Winter Cherry, Green Gram]

To order Standard Energy Medicine for Weight Gain as a side-effect of Steroids/Medication click below.
If you have more than one conditions or a complicated case history, Prescription medicine might work better;

Weight Gain / Weight Loss - Physical or Medical Conditions:
Weight Gain during Childhood that has stayed on
Weight Gain around Puberty
Weight Gain due to Lifestyle Changes (less exercise, change of food patterns)
Weight Gain after Quitting Smoking (or any other chemical addiction)
Weight Gain or Loss due to Stress, Trauma or a sudden new responsibility
Weight Gain during Pregnancy that has stayed on (Post Natal Weight Gain)
Weight Gain due to Hormonal Imbalance (Sleep cycle disruption, Thyroid Under-active, Exposure to Endocrine System Pollutants, Menopause)
Weight Gain due to Chronic Fatigue Symptoms (You simply aren't that active anymore; Sluggish Metabolism, Sluggish Digestion etc)
Weight Gain as a side-effect of Steroids or other medication
Weight Gain or Loss as a side-effect of Depression (or other nervous system related causes, reverse serotonin uptake etc)

Weight Gain / Weight Loss - Psychosomatic or Energy Field Conditions:
Weight Gain / Weight Loss caused by Energy Mis-Management (Lack of harmony and work-division between physical/sexual pure energy and mental or 'psychic' energy)
Weight Gain/ Weight Loss caused by Energy Field Pressure and Resistance (Hereditary Obesity, Peer pressure, exposure to artificial hormone stimulants, exposure to extreme energies in an insecure environment)
Weight Gain/ Weight Loss caused by Soul Causes (The need to be overweight or under-weight in response to a sense of danger, insecurity; needing to be extra fat or thin to keep in touch with an old memory/ trauma/identity)
Weight Gain/ Weight Loss caused by an Unstable Energy Field (weight imbalances caused by constant instability, confusion in life-purpose perception, lack of 'grounded-ness' or identification with the immediate physical surroundings or emotional environment)
Weight Gain/ Weight Loss caused by Energy Field Dissipation (Weight Imbalance caused by losing the desire to participate in everyday physical life)
Weight Gain caused by Comfort Eating: A real life experience of overcoming comfort eating by becoming aware of its root cause in early childhood.


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