Inverse Energy Field Treatment is an alternative healing method involving the use of energies from nature given through magnesium salts or charcoal powder in pure water.
Caraf Avnayt's Herbal Energy Medicine
Alternative treatment to release energy blocks and correct energy flow patterns.

Hand-Made from flowers, herbs and minerals from the Himalaya & Blue Mountains of India, specifically for each individual. Inverse energy signatures are charged into pure water and then into Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) for preservation upto 8 months. Dissolving one pinch of the salt in water, take 2 drops twice a day for six months continuously. Stimulates the body through the Inverse Energy Field to re-balance itself without interfering physically. Works to heal by bringing trapped emotions and memories to awareness, releasing buried tension and energy blocks.
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Holistic Support for Menopause

Holistic Energy Medicine - Herb and Flower Essences Used The Endocrine System in women is designed to finish with menstruation and pregnancy related activities when there are no more eggs (ova) in the ovaries. So menopause sets in. It is simply the process of stopping the physical tasks that make getting pregnant possible. In nature, when females go through menopause they become calmer, more peaceful and take bigger part in group (or pack) decisions.

In the energy field Menopause shows as no change at all. This is because as far as vital or sexual energy is concerned, the body continues as always. Its just that now the energy that went towards releasing an ova, menstruation and the endless wait for a fertilized egg is now streamlined towards just simple sexual energy. Interestingly, unlike before sexual energy levels are higher, but because it is not now monopolized by the actual sex organs, it is available to the other organs in the body as well.

This means, that all the problems associated with menopause are more or less adjustment to new levels of higher energy. The reason women feel more fatigued than energized is because we simply are adjusting to the change, and don't know how to manage the surge of energy inside. Until now, this energy was being used up through the monthly cycle - now its just there.

If this energy is not used up or expelled it could get heavy in the lower abdomen and along the back. It now causes more fatigue than anything else - something like how we feel when we have to carry inside us a secret that we are just dying to shout out, or how listless we feel when we're madly in love with someone and can't express that for some reason.

The good news is that this extra energy is;
1) SEXUAL energy!
2) It can be converted or channelled into ANY thing you want to do really.
3) Harmless because it is the basic food energy of the body. It is energy you WANT.

The organs of the reproductive system are not useless now, they still continue to be part of the endocrine process in the body. This means that they are very much a part of how we look, our body shape and metabolism, our moods and feelings, our interaction with others and so on. Its just that they have finished one of the tasks they were supposed to do - successfully.

Getting through the adjustment phase of menopause means learning a new way of living. You can really start a whole new life - you can do so much now you couldn't before and you have heaps of extra sexual energy to keep you oomphy - the same sexual energy that used to get taken up getting through each period! Now you can just go on and on! Quite literally too.

In ancient schools of healing, women on the threshold of menopause were understood to be 're-shaping'. This is amazing because it actually means that now with the changes happening, the energy field actually re-shapes itself - the same sort of re-shaping that happened around puberty happens now.

Around menopause, if we focus on sleeping well, being stress free and enjoying life, we'll be setting ourselves up for a healthy active second half of life.

Energy Medicine for the irritating troubling menopause symptoms like hot flushes and so on, simply aims at supporting the energy field in its change and adjustment phase. The symptoms take care of themselves. Its just all about getting you happy and energetic again.

If however, we find any endocrine or hormonal imbalance we treat your energy field to balance hormonal and energy levels so you get permanent relief from any discomfort that's gotten triggered by menopause.

Energy Medicine performs the three basic energy field repair tasks of;
(1) releasing energy from the center of the field thus energizing the whole body ,
(2) removing blocks in the energy field so that vital energy can reach every part of the body to energize the nervous system (takes care of depression etc), and
(3) releasing excess stored up energy from certain areas so they can balance and heal.
Energy Medicine also specifically targets disorders in basic energy management, energy conduction, and energy conversion that give rise to Menopause discomfort. We are able to identify these by studying your unique energy field using information you give us through the online consultation form.

The composition of my Energy Medicine for Menopause Discomfort is as follows:

Inverse Energy Field 1) Inverse Energy Field combination of [ White Rose & Mustard ] to energize the center and purify the energy field.
Inverse Energy Field 2) Inverse Energy Field combination of [ Chestnut & Raisin] for the grounding and balancing of strong emotional energies.
Inverse Energy Field 3) Inverse Energy Field combination of [Celery & Red Pepper] to balance the release and retention of vital energy in the body.
Inverse Energy Field 4) Inverse Energy Field combination of [Rose & Durva Grass] to soothe over-simulated endocrinal glands, and balance the production of hormones, pheromones and lipids (fat storage mechanism) in the body.
Inverse Energy Field 5) A balance of Inverse Energy Fields to balance the endocrine/hormonal glands that facilitate and balance the conversion of energy from stored vital energy (bones, skin, hair, nails) through the muscles, tendons and blood vessels, to active energy that the Brain, Nerves and Heart can use. A balance in this energy axis ensures the overall strength and immunity of the body. I choose the Inverse Energy Fields best suited to the individual's specific need.
Inverse Energy Fields (6) and (7) are combined together first before being mixed in with the other Inverse Energy Fields. These are chosen specifically for an individual and usually contain few or more of the following Inverse Energy Fields:
[Orange] & [Tea Tree, Celery, Rhododendron, Hibiscus, Gingko, Ginger, White Rose]

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If you have more than one conditions or a complicated case history, Prescription medicine might work better;

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