Inverse Energy Field Treatment is an alternative healing method involving the use of energies from nature given through magnesium salts or charcoal powder in pure water.
Caraf Avnayt's Herbal Energy Medicine
Alternative treatment to release energy blocks and correct energy flow patterns.

Hand-Made from flowers, herbs and minerals from the Himalaya & Blue Mountains of India, specifically for each individual. Inverse energy signatures are charged into pure water and then into Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) for preservation upto 8 months. Dissolving one pinch of the salt in water, take 2 drops twice a day for six months continuously. Stimulates the body through the Inverse Energy Field to re-balance itself without interfering physically. Works to heal by bringing trapped emotions and memories to awareness, releasing buried tension and energy blocks.
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Holistic Treatment to Build Up Muscle

Holistic Energy Medicine - Herb and Flower Essences Used Muscle Wastage happens every time we don't use a muscle the way we normally do. Recovering muscle after surgery, an accident or even a phase of being bed-ridden or not exercising, means simply providing fresh energy supplies to the muscles through the blood, and stabilizing the nervous supply to the muscles so that the muscles get the 'we're back in business' message.

Providing fresh energy supplies to the muscles through the blood means learning to breathe in deep, slow, and get into a rhythmic breathing pattern in general. This could be difficult for some but it is the only real sports insurance there is. As long as you can provide fresh oxygen to the muscles on the go, they'll keep going.

At the same time the nerves that connect to the muscles need to be bringing and taking messages out smoothly. In most cases of muscle wastage - whether caused by a period of bed rest or years of not exercising enough - there is a dullness around certain nerves that has been caused by years of a lack of being in use. These nerves need to be energized to be awake again. The 'pain' felt when you exercise is mostly these nerves screaming on being awoken suddenly. Energy Medicine to support the recovery and build up of muscle tissue includes;

1) Supporting the vitality and overall health of muscle cells
2) Supporting cell reproduction in muscle tissues
3) Supporting free flow of energy between the circulatory system, nervous system and the muscles themselves. This is very important for proper muscle health and performance.
4) Balancing energy levels in the blood so that the muscles can receive proper energy supplies.
5) Rehabilitating the circulatory system so blood supply to the muscles is normalized
6) Energizing the nervous system for energy balance in the nerves

This is besides the basic energy field repair tasks of;
(1) releasing energy from the center of the field thus energizing the whole body and helping prevent the spread or re-occurrence of Muscle wastage,
(2) removing blocks in the energy field so that vital energy can reach every part of the body, and
(3) releasing excess stored up energy from certain areas so they can balance and heal;

Energy Medicine specifically targets disorders in basic energy management, energy conduction, and energy conversion that give rise to chronic Muscle wastage. We are able to identify these by studying your unique energy field using information you give us through the online consultation form.

The composition of my Energy Medicine for Build Up Muscle (Muscle Wastage Treatment) is as follows:

Inverse Energy Field 1) Inverse Energy Field combination of [ White Rose & Mustard ] to energize the center and purify the energy field.
Inverse Energy Field 2) Inverse Energy Field combination of [ Wild Orchid & White Orchid] for the grounding and balancing of strong emotional energies.
Inverse Energy Field 3) Inverse Energy Field combination of [Phosphorus & Lemon] to balance the release and retention of vital energy in the body.
Inverse Energy Field 4) Inverse Energy Field combination of [Watermelon & Guava] to soothe over-simulated endocrinal glands, and balance the production of hormones, pheromones and lipids (fat storage mechanism) in the body.
Inverse Energy Field 5) A balance of Inverse Energy Fields to balance the endocrine/hormonal glands that facilitate and balance the absorption of nutrition, oxygen, and vital energy from the environment through the stomach and intestines, through the Kidneys, Liver and Lungs - keeping the required energy forms and releasing the rest smoothly. A balance in this energy axis ensures robustness in the ability of the body to adapt to surrounding energies and change while maintaining balance from within. I choose the Inverse Energy Fields best suited to the individual's specific need.
Inverse Energy Fields (6) and (7) are combined together first before being mixed in with the other Inverse Energy Fields. These are chosen specifically for an individual and usually contain few or more of the following Inverse Energy Fields:
[Rhododendron] & [Primrose, Sandalwood, Sweet Basil, Holy Basil, Laudanum, Lotus, Lavender, White Rose]

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If you have more than one conditions or a complicated case history, Prescription medicine might work better;

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