Inverse Energy Field Treatment is an alternative healing method involving the use of energies from nature given through magnesium salts or charcoal powder in pure water.
Caraf Avnayt's Herbal Energy Medicine
Alternative treatment to release energy blocks and correct energy flow patterns.

Hand-Made from flowers, herbs and minerals from the Himalaya & Blue Mountains of India, specifically for each individual. Inverse energy signatures are charged into pure water and then into Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) for preservation upto 8 months. Dissolving one pinch of the salt in water, take 2 drops twice a day for six months continuously. Stimulates the body through the Inverse Energy Field to re-balance itself without interfering physically. Works to heal by bringing trapped emotions and memories to awareness, releasing buried tension and energy blocks.
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Show Dog Nervousness - Healing and Balance

4 YO Labrador retriever, Mississippi, USA

Lassie won all kinds of competitions, her sweetness winning her friends everywhere. Then there was a burglary at her home and suddenly Lassie was not the same anymore.

Her human tried to get her confidence and concentration back but Lassie seemed to be distracted and low spirited all the time. Her diet was changed to include more nutrition just in case she was lacking something but nothing seemed to work.

Then Lassie was put on Energy Treatment, one of the only treatments easy enough to give her without too much of a song and dance. Lassie began to improve from day one of taking Energy Treatment. Her human Susan does not want her to go back to being a show dog as she suspects that the pressure to perform had become too much for Lassie.

Lassie is herself now, 4 months after starting Energy Treatments. She is back to being frisky, happy and involved in everything happening around her. Her glossy coat is back as is her appetite. She helps Susan with her horses most times or sits out near the gate acknowledging passers-by good naturedly. She has no problems making friends and is always first at the door whenever the bell rings.

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