Treatments can be ordered by filling in the Prescription Treatment form

It takes between 3 and 20 working days to prepare a treatment and have it dispatched.


Prescription energy treatments cost USD 299.99 inclusive of International Priority Mail.
The fee is not for the product itself or the ingredients and apparatus used. The fee is for the analysis of an individual's information, and preparation of the treatment.
The treatment lasts for 6-7 months.

Note: As of 01 March 2017 every Energy Medicine Blend, whether of a standard recipe or a prescription recipe costs USD 299.99 Inclusive of EMS International (Priority USPS/Royal Mail etc).


All treatments come with free EMS International Priority Mail and are usually delivered in 5-10 days from dispatch to the USA, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand.
It can take a little longer to some other countries, but we are often pleasantly surprised by how quickly they reach.
The medicine comes in an extremely simple, light, cloth padded envelope dispatched in the name of Caraf Avnayt. In the rare eventuality treatments are frozen by customs in countries we do not regularly ship to, we will remake and resend using older methods of charge transfer (crystal on silver wire for example).

Returns & Refunds
As each treatment - even the standard recipes - are made on order for each person, a treatment returned cannot be used by any one else. As such we do not accept returns.

Copyright Notice

All content on this website is authored by Caraf Avnayt. Usage of any of it is permitted so long as there is either a link back to the webpage from which it was taken. Email notification of writings used in thesis is appreciated.


Energy Medicine as practiced by us, is NOT Symptomatic Treatment and should not be used as such. It is Holistic Treatment which is aimed at balancing the various aspects of the human system which contribute to overall health thus enabling the body and psyche to generate the energy to heal from within as opposed to external stimulation.

This process is different for different people and while we do require a minimum time of six months to start on a treatment we make no claims as to how long a complete turnaround in symptoms could take.

The information on this website, like most information in science and health-care fields, is evolving and hence debatable. Facts and information provided by us are believed to be accurate and current, the personal opinion of the author, Caraf Avnayt , at the time of publishing on the website, however we do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy thereof. Changes may be made at any time to this information without prior notice and our services and programs may be refused to anyone without explanation at any time.

None of our previous clients' real names, and contact details are published on this website, as such any testimonial and case study material is to be read as simply examples of possible scenarios.

The information contained on this web site and pages within is not intended to provide any advice specific to the circumstances of any patient without individual consultation, and should not be relied upon in that regard. We encourage all our clients to seek diagnoses from orthodox medical or veterinary practitioners and to pass this information on to us during consultation along with their own understanding of the health issues involved.

All services and treatment programs are offered in good faith but we are not responsible for the misuse of information contained on this website or liable for the action taken by any visitor based on the information or provided as part of our free consultation service. Though we recommend the use of our services and preparations, visitors are deemed to have used them at their own discretion.

ALL our treatments are made only after personal consultation, and are Prescription Treatments meant for the one person or animal only.

Privacy Policy

We have the strictest Anti-Spam policy. We do not use your email address for any purpose other than contacting you directly.

No information is sold or released to anyone about visitors to this site or clients of Energy Treatments without prior consent or a court order. In other words, no information is released to anyone unless you give us permission first. This includes e-mailed information ,enquiries, and any other client/ visitor details.

On request of the visitor or submitter of information, all records of communication between Energy Treatments and the client, including information submitted will be destroyed.

Energy Treatments does not collect information from children under 13 years of age without the permission of their legal guardians. If and when such submission takes place and comes to our notice, all related information will immediately be destroyed.

When visiting any Internet site your unique address called an "IP address" is recorded. We do not release any information about the collection of this address to any third party except under court order. We archive the log files in order to create aggregate statistical reports, detect errors at the web site, and for security reasons. The log files are eventually deleted.