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Yeast is consciousness
Yeast as Time-Keeper
Bad Yeasts and Diabetes
The Illness Consciousness
Enforcing a Change of Consciousness
Yeast carries memory and habit.
Yeast and Fertility
In Conclusion


Yeast is a micro-organism that’s tiny but life altering. Yeast is used to make bread puffy and to turn fruit juice into wine.

It seems like something that’s an option in a person’s life, but it isn’t really. Yeasts are part of our body chemistry and physiology and play a vital role in the functioning of our bodies, affecting everything that happens from metabolism to moods, and therefore our lives.

My Granddad would say to me often, “The Yeast will tell you the time.” As a child I didn’t really understand that; I thought it was a figure of speech. However since I started making my own homemade bread as my ancestors did before me I’ve begun to get a whole new perspective on Yeast.

We all carry our ancestral yeast in our bodies. As babies are born naturally, as they come through their mother’s birth canal they pick up yeasts from her body – which she got from her mother – and this becomes a vital trigger of immune response to protect the child from attacks he or she will face out in the world.

Even if a child is not born naturally, he will get the yeasts from being around family. Even when separated from birth family, eventually the child’s body will signal to the environment attracting yeasts compatible with his or her genetics till, the very yeast that’s associated with that matrilineal line will come around and hang on.

And yeasts hang on FOREVER.

They are living beings, mind you, that cling to families generation after generation like guardian spirits that don’t care which religion you follow or don’t follow.

Science has never been able to fully understand what makes them choose a family line, what makes them go dormant – and they can go dormant for centuries – and what exactly triggers them off into flowering and after being dormant for a long time.

My Granddad however knew them personally, as his mother did, and then as his wife did. And ¬he introduced me to them.

Yeast is consciousness.

We have been taught that yeast is a bunch of little tiny balls existing here and there across the surface of the earth. In reality, Yeast is an emanation of the Earth. It’s a sort of perspiration of the earth.

Now if you were to get down on the floor and start exercising, your body would get hot soon enough and at a particular point you would begin to perspire. All over your body, the drops of sweat will carry the same consciousness, as they were all triggered by the same cause. The biological make-up of the sweat though, might be a little different on the palms from the face or the neck or the back. It might be a little more profuse in some areas and a little less profuse in others.

But it would carry the same consciousness, and would be the same thing – sweat, no matter where on your body it is emanated from.

That’s what Yeast is too. No matter where on earth it is, it is the consciousness of the Earth, One living Being, One Soul, and this Soul, this Spirit, is all around us, supporting life, making it possible for us to live and interact with our environment and guiding our bodies through the times of our lives on Earth.

Yeast as Time-Keeper

Just as our bodies have bio-rhythms, so every sphere of life in our world has seasons.

Just as the moon pulls on the waters in the seas, so in the living organisms of the earth, the smallest independent living organisms react to things our bodies don’t even know exist – the moon’s gravity and the Earth’s response – triggering off the processes that manage the times and seasons in the life of our bodies.

A feeling of disassociation or isolation from life is often experienced by those who have not had natural living yeast in their bodies in a healthy balance for a long time.

For this reason, my Granddad’s first line of treatment for ANY condition where it was obvious that the person was feeling emotionally distant, cut off or isolated and had the symptoms of their body showing rocky uneven difficult transitions through the times of life, or the seasons, was to add wild natural yeast into the diet.

Of course that is not the only condition you need to have wild natural yeast for. Any chronic condition is indicative of a yeast malfunction on some level or another.

Bad Yeasts and Diabetes

Sometimes the wrong sort of yeast has proliferated in the body. ‘Wrong’ yeasts are genetically modified yeasts. They do not have consciousness.

Our body does not recognize what does not have consciousness and does not know how to deal with such substances – for better or worse.

Genetically modified yeast is what the alcohol and bread industry uses, as natural yeast being a living being cannot be strictly controlled and predicted. The GM version however is tailor made to suit requirements and mass production of an item is made possible.

GM yeasts are therefore lifeless zombies that simply do what they’re physically programmed to do – eat sugar and reproduce. Eat more sugar and reproduce more. That’s all they do. The result is a widespread energy deficiency as the body begins to use all of its reserves simply feeding them getting nothing back in return but demands for more.

Diabetes, which is one of the results of this energy crisis in the body, is very often treated with lab produced insulin. Now insulin is the substance which manages the level of sugar in the blood, so it’s critically important.

The allopathic treatment however, of artificial insulin, is… well.. let me just say, that synthetic insulin is made with… take a wild guess…. genetically modified yeast which is the cause of the problem in the first place.

What happens is the person is now stuck in a cycle of diabetes, and dependent on the continuous supply of fake insulin to keep functional.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people worldwide who recognize sugar cravings and diabetes for what it is, a lack of good yeast and an excess of bad or unnatural yeast.

You add natural yeast into your diet, cut out sources of unnatural or GMO yeast, and do a fumigation of your insides – yeast is a fungus after all, and in a matter of weeks your metabolism will be back to ticking.

Why, you wonder, if it was that easy, haven’t you heard about it before?

Of course, there is a war against information that could stop millions worldwide from spending their money on treatment that makes them need more treatment.

But aside from that, there is the consciousness aspect.

The Illness Consciousness

A lot of healing methods and treatments fail because of the consciousness aspect.

You see chronic illness is most often the result of a state of consciousness – what I like to call static consciousness. It’s when you’ve experienced something that hasn’t been processed so the energy body and the physical body (which are One) stay frozen or static.

Imagine children in a classroom. The second the bell rings, they all get up and run out. The bell is the bell. No one can overrule the bell. It doesn’t matter what happened during the lesson. When the bell goes it’s all over. Yay. Get your stuff, run out. Think about everything else later.

But imagine if just before the bell rang, a child was told his or her close family member had died. Imagine if just after that, the bell rang and the child out of habit ran out with the others to lunch recess, to eat and to play.

Imagine the tension in the child’s heart, the changes in their blood pressure, the cramps in their gut….the confusion, the shock, the split in consciousness in the very tissues of their body.

A caring teacher would take the child aside and help them face their tragedy.

But such caring is now no longer common among us and we have to re-teach ourselves and our loved ones to face our emotions with respect and keep healthy that way.

What has yeast got to do with all of this?

Yeast is a mirror and carrier of consciousness.

Yeast not only is a consciousness on its own, it is also a carrier and imitator of consciousness; much like a little child.

Imagine you start a home for little orphans. You bring them up; you teach them to wash their hands, to mind their Ps and Qs, to tell the truth, to help each other, to keep clean. The things you don’t specifically teach them, they learn too. They become little imitators of you. Although they will retain their own consciousness, the one of their birth family, there will be aspects of them that are what they acquired growing up.

Yeasts are a million little children in us reflecting our consciousness and holding it in our bodies, almost amplifying it.

Just as a father with grown up children wonders why they have a problem adjusting to the changes he makes in his personality and lifestyle out of the blue, so our body when we make a change for healing, goes through a little yeast rebellion, because our yeast children having been brought up in the illness consciousness can’t change all that quickly now.

In trying to maintain things as they were, they could go into overdrive causing all kinds of manifestations from discolored skin, rashes to wild mood swings, manic depression and so on.

The solution is to understand what’s happening and enforce your change of consciousness.

This is where most people fail.

Enforcing a Change of Consciousness

Enforcing a change of consciousness is something no longer taught as part of healing.

In the old days while recovering from a bad illness, people would go to the sea, or the mountains, get a change of scene, find themselves and settle into a healthy state before they got back to their everyday lives.

Other times they would make changes to their lifestyle at home, which their family would be supportive of and understanding of.

One way of understanding a change of consciousness is the process a person goes through if they convert to another religion.

A religion is a state of consciousness and whether you want to leave or join, there are outward things you do to imbibe the new consciousness and remind yourself of this new thing in your life. If you don’t then the ‘conversion’ becomes just something in your head that ends up forgotten and never really makes a change for better or worse in your life.

For example, if you convert to Protestant Christianity, you’re supposed to start reading the Bible a lot more than you did when you were a non-church-going person or another religion. You attend a service at church once a week where you sing songs that affirm what you now believe. Some people have baptisms and some change their names.

In other religions, what you eat changes. Most Jews do not eat pork. Neither do Muslims. Hindus do not eat beef.

Most Jews and Muslims practice circumcision. Hindus, Buddhists, other religions all have their own ways of enforcing consciousness.

Now when you’ve been ill with something or the other, a long time, you’ve been in the Illness Consciousness which is, “I am NOT well.”

And you have to come out of that.

You don’t do it by lying to yourself – “I am well, I am well,” when you aren’t.

You do it, by doing things that make you FEEL well, by addressing those things that make you feel unwell and sick and unhappy with yourself.

In short, you make changes to your life, your behavior and the way you treat yourself and you stick with those changes.

You take your pick of any person you ever knew that went from being an unwell person to a well person and they’ll tell you it was about so much more than some sort of treatment or medicine they took.

They’ll tell you the crazy things they did to change their lives.

They had fridge magnets reminding them of their new consciousness, little sticky yellow papers reminding them to do things others laughed at; they changed the ring tones on their phones to remind them of something, they changed the passwords on their devices to remind them, they redid their homes… oh the crazy things they did.

Now that’s how you enforce your new consciousness. You do what you know you have to do, and you keep reminding yourself of what’s important to you.

90% of the time it will be something others might not understand.

A lot of people with long term illness, have got a whole bunch of others around them who feed off each others’ illness consciousness. It can be done… changing your consciousness right in the middle of others with the illness consciousness, but to be honest I only say that because I believe in miracles. I haven’t actually seen it happen.

If someone’s feeding off your illness consciousness and needs you to continue being that way, your relationship equation with them has to drastically change, or you have to cut off completely for you to move into your new consciousness.

When those people are those who actually really love you, they will want you to be well and will be supportive of the changes you need to make to feel well.

You’ll find a simple matter of yeast can change the way you look at your life, your relationships and lead to you to a better life.

Yeast carries memory and habit.

Back in time, there was a group of people that had been held in slavery for a couple of hundred years. Now for them to be taken out of slavery was not such a big job for God. What would it take but the killing of a king? Maybe a few other pro-slavery leaders, and then a new king and a change of the law and voila… no more slavery.

But in the Bible, in the book of Exodus a process is described that is today commemorated usually as part of the celebration of Passover of the Jews.

The process God gave the slaves waiting to go free began to change their consciousness before they actually left Egypt. They were told to eat with their sandals on – thus telling their sub-conscious, “We could be set free any-time now. It could happen this minute. Eat for the journey.”

Now the consciousness we hold at the time we eat; the food and drink, and the yeast that meets them in our gut, hold that consciousness. So the consciousness we carry at meal-times is particularly of significance. Reminding our selves of wellness, of our right to a happy fulfilled life, of those we love and what’s important to our hearts just before we eat, is a powerful way to enforce consciousness.

Another thing God told them to do – Get rid of the yeast.

You see the yeast in their houses, in their clothes, in their cooking vessels, had gotten programmed across generations to carry the slavery consciousness and all the bad habits that come with it – habits like not being assertive, habits like accepting abuse, habits like low self esteem, habits like hopelessness and dissipation, habits like never allowing oneself to imagine anything out of the box, habits like fear.

Very literally, God was telling the Israelites to get those little telecasters and holders of the consciousness they were leaving, a consciousness based on the identity of being slaves, OUT of the house and way away from their settlement in general.

The yeast would also have been the yeast of the land of Egypt, and getting it out was leaving the land, before their feet left it.

That’s how powerful yeast can be one way or another.

Forty years in a desert atmosphere, would’ve killed off most yeasts used to thriving in the humid delta of the river Nile, which is the land of Egypt.

After those forty years, on the edge of the ‘promised land’ how did they know it was their destination? They had spies go in and bring back the world’s number one harnesser of wild yeast – a bunch of grapes.

You know you will be healthy in a land where the yeast is good. Conversely, a land where the yeast is not robust, is not fertile and consequently not a good place for humans to live in.

In today’s world the Jewish custom of having unleavened bread during Passover and for some weeks after has a lot of impact not just spiritually as it speaks things to the sub-conscious, but also very directly on the body.

The body that gets a break from yeast carrying foods, has a chance to re-calibrate its own inherited yeasts that could have gotten pushed into a minority, and to rejuvenate the body’s own inherited yeasts (from the mother through birth and after), thereby returning the body to its own birth energy patterns, and the consciousness to its birth purpose. This yeast-reset works as a consciousness reset and if supported further keeps a person physically, emotionally and mentally, spiritually well.

My family which is a Jewish matrilineal one, believes the custom of abstaining from yeast once a year predates the first Passover. We believe the Israelite population in Egypt for the most part already knew of the custom but hadn’t practiced it for a while.

When you cut out yeasts from outside your body for a while, your own inherited yeasts remind your subconscious of who you are and why you were born – a radical holistic way of healing.

Of course we neither of us live in isolation and having food and drink made with yeast, as a family unites our consciousness and spreads our healing, and helps the yeast in our bodies come in touch with their relatives – other yeasts! They’re living beings too you know, and they need to interact with their kind too. We don’t want them lonely and bored, do we!

Yeast and Fertility

A certain farmer was returning home one evening from the market where he’d sold a good amount of his wife’s homegrown vegetables.

As he returned he saw the sun, bright and gold and burning as it does just before it disappears for night, on the edge of the horizon.

His soul felt that the sun was saying something to him. Being a spiritual man who had survived all his years by learning to hear the voice of God through nature, he gave his attention to it.

“Go home,” he heard in his heart, “Tonight your wife will conceive a son.”

Three years later the farmer and his wife were still childless.

Sitting on the porch outside his front door, he remembered that evening and what God had said to him. “How,” he wondered, “could a word of God so pure and true as came to me that day, not turn out in life?”

Five years later, the farmer and his wife were the parents of bouncing baby boy. A year later they had a little girl. Both of them had hair the color of the setting sun. Both of them a reminder to the farmer that sometimes, the time between the conception of a miracle and the delivery is a matter our minds might not understand or measure.

Were those babies conceived a long time ago and born physically only later? Cryptic and long term pregnancies are pretty common in the world outside of which is allowed to be spoken of by the pharma and medical industry. Historically, long term pregnancies were the norm and many histories have mention of babies in the womb for years and years.

Either way, what is this story doing here?

Now, my Granddad knew this farmer. And he told me that the farmer had understood the timing of the delivery of his promise. The farmer told Granddad that the yeast in his body received the promise of God and that his ancestral yeast had a seven year cycle. So when there’s a change in the spirit of yeast, it can take up to seven years for the yeast to evolve and grow and spread with that consciousness through the body, through the family and then manifest a physical change.

This seven year cycle of yeast was common knowledge once upon a time. The Jewish custom of allowing the land to rest for a whole year once every seven years, called ‘Shemita’ literally allows the yeast of the land to ferment the land itself thereby drastically increasing fertility.

Exodus 23:10,11
For six years you are to sow your land and gather its produce, but in the seventh year you must let it rest and lie fallow..

Every year as crops are harvested, the yeast they have caught is taken indoors and worked with. A whole year of leaving them out in the open to ferment the crops which will then feed a whole host of little life forms from the birds to insects to rodents, to those humans who harvest it by hand just for their own personal and families to use; Imagine what it would do for the eco-system. You would never need to artificially fertilize land that had gone through that a few cycles.

It is truly a most compassionate practice and I wish it were being followed on a large scale.

The seven year cycle of yeast affects fertility in all life forms on Earth.

This is how it goes, in years one and two, the yeast goes through a phase where its consciousness is like that of a baby in the womb. It’s collecting up experience, memory and making the precursors cells for the rest of its life-time. In nature, in our bodies, we are acquiring ‘quality’ as we make and absorb those little nutrients – things like vitamins and minerals. These are those things we need a store of readily available in the body for the robust expansion and growth phase.

Years three to five, are taken up with slow expansion of consciousness. In nature and in our bodies, cell life is vibrant, changing, and reactive.

Year six is a bountiful year when it’s easy to have too much of yeast and get yeast poisoned. It’s when in nature and in our bodies, we use all of what we have accumulated in wonderful ways to do new things, things vibrantly different from anything we thought we would do seven years ago. Our consciousness and who we are has now definitely changed. We are a new person, in a way. Everything we have experienced and learned in the last six years now shows clearly.

Year seven is when yeast’s activity and growth of the previous year slows off and it rests.

In nature and life we go through a rest from the frenetic energy expenditure of the previous years. We come to term with things that have happened. We rest.

When I heard all this, I asked Granddad what I was supposed to do. Make a time-table of the years and what?

He said to me, “No, don’t do that. It doesn’t work that way. The seven year cycles jump about.”

I was shocked. How can it be a dependable seven year cycle when it ‘jumps about’? What’s the point of the whole story?

“See,” my Granddad said to me, “What’s seven years for the yeast, is not always the same as seven years for the human mind. It used to be but our environment is now disturbed and in the process of re-setting itself. During this time you cannot calculate at which phase the yeast is in by our years which are counted as twelve cycles of the moon.

During this time of time-disruption, the yeast tells us what the time is.”

“Huh? What?”

“Look at your own body. Know the yeast in your own body. Follow the cycles of yeast in your body. It will tell you the times of your body and your own life and be time-keeper for your family.”

I took a long deep breath. When Granddad said stuff like that, I knew I was on the brink of something that would turn my whole world inside out and change my living and way of thinking and seeing the world and myself for forever.

That might be thrilling for others, but having grown up with Granddad’s shenanigans, I groaned internally… why would he never let me be another person with a dead brain which sparked up to play video games and learn things about technology and look all smart and suave and sophisticated – three things I’ve wanted to be since the age of ten, but which I’ve never achieved thanks to Granddad’s sudden droppings of universal knowledge that pulled me ‘back to the mud’ and reality.

Enough of my inner groaning.

I knew Granddad was going to wreck my life and my painstakingly constructed personality yet again.

He calmly continued knowing exactly what he was doing.

“Know the yeast in your body.”

Granddads, (I used to refer to him in the plural for some strange unknown reason), where is the yeast in my body?

It’s everywhere but mostly in your sweat and all emanations from the uterus.

“Ok, how am I to know the cycle of yeast in my body?”

“Take sweat for example,” he said.

“When the yeast is in a slow phase, your sweat smells lighter, you might not even notice it. When it’s developing and expanding its consciousness, thus amplifying your own consciousness – in which sleep the dreams of your ancestors (he gave me a look to remind me he was mine – shudder – that only means lots of dark eyed semi-Scottish DNA children who like wandering out in the wild and speak in weird proverbs, if ever); While it is expanding your sweat smells heavier and heavier.”

I sighed… I knew where this was going.

“When the yeast is at its most fertile, your consciousness is at its most fertile point and you will know because your sweat is full of signals – not just to those around you but all across the universe.”

I wondered aloud, “Just like those clams who were taken from the southern hemisphere to the USA but were in touch with their birth place’s energy field so they kept opening and closing according the day-night patterns at their birth place instead of their new location?”

“Yes,” Granddad said, “The yeast is connected up to its own family, and we are connected, each living being to their own kind through the yeast network.”

“And my sweat sends out the signals?”

“Yes, the sweat is just one of the many ways of signaling. There is consciousness signaling. Everyone gets that whether they know it or not.”

“So my sweat smells heavier. I still don’t understand what I’m to do.”

“Who is asking you to do anything?” Granddad said.

“Well you! What’s the point of the whole thing if I’m not supposed to DO anything about it. Other than smelling my own sweat and trying to judge if its lighter or heavier compared to the last year, I don’t get what you’re trying to say.”

“My child,” Granddad began, I knew I was about to be shut up.

“My child, when the sweat begins to smell lighter again, it’s time to rest. You don’t need to smell your sweat. You just need to respect it. The common culture has taught you to disrespect the emanations of your body. Your attitude of respect for your own emanations, through understanding how LIFE is living through you, and how you are connected to your own through the universe, how you are dancing the dance of life along with all life forms no matter how isolated, lonely and alone you may feel, this will heal you.”

Granddad’s words had a profound impact on me.

I realized that one major cause of depression and a feeling of loneliness and isolation is a human rejecting or sub-consciously disrespecting their own smell.

I began to smell my own sweat and that of others. My attitude to myself, to my own ‘emanations’ and to yeast started off as something I remembered just before turning the shower knob on, something I remembered just before I put my used clothes into the washing machine. Previously I had this attitude where I winced just a little bit.

I was brought up to call used clothes, “dirty clothes.” I believed sweat made me dirty.

Now as I began to live life, not wincing away from my own smell on my clothes, the smell of myself before I had a shower, I began to be surprised.

I noticed the difference between the feel of something new and something worn by myself and then washed out well. Something remained. My wearing something had changed the cloth forever.

I began to be surprised by the way the smell of my own sweat changed through the weeks and months. As time went by and I became a mother I was amazed by how my smell changed through pregnancy. I knew I was pregnant almost the second my son was conceived because my smell changed so completely almost immediately.

When my son was born, his smell in his little clothes told me more about his body and his health than he could ever communicate otherwise.

At the same time, I became aware of how animals, dogs I was caring for in particular, depended on yeast signals for their health.

I noticed how vaccinations and other injections, one of which ostensibly was to keep pests off for months at a time, changed the dogs’ smell and how that devastated them emotionally as they suddenly couldn’t respect themselves anymore. They felt isolated from their pack – the worst thing to happen to a dog, especially one that’s already cut off from his or her pack and living in a house with humans.

Truly, the suffering caused by loss of connection with one’s own nature that the simple smell of our own bodies offers, goes so far beyond what I could describe here.

Think depression, think a feeling of being lost without bearings, confused, sad from deep inside.

In today’s world our connection to our own nature, which is the expression of our soul being, is always under attack. Honoring our body’s own intelligence is certainly not in fashion and hasn’t been for well over a century now.

Sports used to be enjoyable once upon a time. Now it’s all about manipulating and pushing the body.

The less you smell like yourself the more posh you’re supposed to be.

The less you think, or feel or behave like yourself and the more like some hazy shady character promoted in the media that others can recognize, the more accepted you are.

I changed schools and colleges several times more than in usual when I was growing up. I learned very quickly that getting into a character ‘type’ that was known in the media was a quick way to getting accepted into a new place. Depending on what I could manage, I would either be a ditzy laughing over every little joke, agreeing with everything anyone said girl, or be a mysterious nerdy ‘type’ showing very little interest in anything but ‘far off’ issues like, “What would happen to the universe if there was no nitrogen available anymore?”

I could never keep up the game for very long though as it required too much energy. I would end up, breaking out of my character type sooner or later, shocking the living daylights out of people as they wondered, “Who the hell is she!” and felt cheated by me.
More often than that though, I would end up being moved again so at a new place, I slipped into a new ‘type’ and life went on like that.

While you are read this, you might think what I’m saying is something strange and extreme.

You might be surprised to know that is how the majority of people these days get by whether they know it consciously or not.

At a place in South India my hotel room overlooked the house and garden of a taxi driver. Over a few months I watched the family living. I remember one time, the taxi driver wore jeans instead of the lungi – the cloth wrapped around the lower body that most men in that tiny village on the edge of the jungle wore.

As he got out of his taxi and walked the path from the gate to the front door where the rest of the family was sitting, I saw him go through hell and wondered why.

You see, it wasn’t that his wearing jeans was a big deal really. But what it signified for him was big. It was a change of consciousness, a change of who he was saying he was, a change of how he was presenting himself to others, a question of his very identity, his allegiance, the side he would take in every argument in the future. It was a big deal. He was telling everyone that he was no longer a ‘traditional’ man, that he was now ‘modern’. He was no longer a traditionalist but an accepter of the dreaded and hated “western culture”. That sort of thing means so much more than a change of clothes.

I remember reading in a book about a missionary many years ago. The missionary Jim Elliot was killed by a tribe somewhere out in the Amazon jungles of South America. His widow Elizabeth Elliot felt she had to go out there to the same place to the same tribe.

She somehow managed to get to the point where she was living with the tribe. They were the naked sort, so she went naked too. Except for this thread around the waist they all wore without fail.

One day she went out of her hut without that thread and several women came running at her making clicking noises and all that. “Why have you come out naked!” they cried.

The power of a thread!

Why I’m saying all this is, everything about us is a statement about our consciousness and who we are, and we’ve been forced by peer pressure and mass consciousness to fit into ‘types’ which make demands on us that might not allow our real being to flower and manifest what’s inside us.

It’s reached the point where many of us consider the smell of our natural bodies something cringe-inducing.

Coming in touch with our own body through something as simple as developing an attitude of respect for our own sweat can slowly bring us out of our self-hating and anti-human consciousness.

Changing our attitude to respect our consciousness, as it manifests through our body is one of the single most life changing and body healing things that can happen to a human.

You wouldn’t believe it – the sort of intelligence available to us when we get sensitive to our own body’s emanations.

For example, if I’ve had genetically modified food, or something made with GM yeast I know it in a few hours at the most from my own smell. I immediately remove whatever it was that I ate and this saves me and my family from a lot of trouble in the long run.

I can tell the quality of the fruit, vegetables and meat I have eaten from my own smell very quickly. This affects for the better where I do my shopping, how I cook and so on.

Call me crazy, but this is true, I can feel if someone I just met is going to be a friend or a foe by my own smell in reaction to them. To me, very often it is an indicator of the intention with which they approached me.

Unfortunately I am still learning how to work with that to stop being cheated over the phone or the internet. The same principle applies whether someone contacts us in person or from a distance, but the way things are, we tend to be disconnected from our bodies a little more when we are using gadgets that involve our brains more than our bodies.

But coming back to fertility, modern science has not revealed in a clear way to the general public the role yeast plays in the creation of a new baby.

A little look deeper though will reveal that yeast in the body plays an essential role in the energy processes of every cell in the body, as it itself takes on the DNA structure of its host and thereby becomes a model – not just an enabler – for the making of new cells.

In laboratories artificial or GM yeast is used widely to create artificial human cells.

Within our bodies, at every stage in the making of a baby, yeast, the consciousness and DNA it carries is involved.

Fertility therefore is simply the health of the yeast in a body. A woman’s yeast – those little carriers of her ancestors’ consciousness – could reject a man’s semen just because they don’t like him. Or they might love him and start making a baby as soon as possible.

A pregnancy that is made artificially, that is, without the holistic involvement of both parents, has lessened chances of being supported by the yeast in the mother’s body and therefore will have to be artificially supported to the end.

A pregnancy supported by the ancestral yeast in a woman’s body, who are healthy and robust and not traumatized (ie. they’re carrying an ‘I am well’ consciousness) is a healthy pregnancy.

In Conclusion

Granddad taught me that the yeast in our body carrying and enforcing our own consciousness warns us of the times of our lives through our sweat and other signaling and so it is.

When we disrespect or ignore our own smell, we are ignoring the consciousness of all the living beings in our body who are affected by our decisions and attitudes.

One of the results of this disrespect is yeast gone wild. Auto-immune disorders where people become allergic to their own sweat and so on result. Crazy skin rashes are yeasts out on a protest march. That’s just the surface stuff.

You do not want a civil war in your body. In the battle between you and your body your body will win, always. You can bet on it. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, maybe deceived themselves.

We are in this world through our bodies, our nature, and disrespect of it will not get us anywhere at all.

Luckily, the path back to self-respect and respect of the many micro-organisms who live in us and with us, connecting us back to our roots, is simple and inexpensive.

All we have to do is:
1) Start respecting our own body’s emanations.
2) Cut out fake or GM yeast from our diet.
3) Go on a yeast-fast once in a while to allow our bodies to naturally balance yeast levels.
4) Replenish our body’s yeast population with good friendly natural yeast regularly enough.
5) Do things that make us feel genuinely well and happy –to enforce the ‘I am Well’ consciousness and get the unwell yeasts in our body to feel well again and spread this through the body.

You cannot go wrong when you’re having homemade food. Homemade bread baked with wild yeast caught from the air in your own kitchen is one of the best ways to go about things. If you cannot do that, there are other ways to go about having good yeast. Fermented vegetables, natural yoghurt, kefir and so on. There’s a world of information on the internet and in books on how to do that.

It is well worth the effort, an investment of time and energy and money you will not regret.

For me it’s as simple as allowing a little whole-wheat flour with some water poured over it sit in a dark corner of the kitchen for a few hours. It begins to bubble and that’s my good yeast starter right there. I knead it in with the dough and a few hours later the whole lump is ready to be baked.

You need to find a way to have good yeast and remove fake yeast from your diet and you will find such a radical change in your body and your life in a few weeks.

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