Herbal Treatments for People

Herbal Treatments for People

Caraf Avnayt’s Alternative Herbal Treatments are handmade for each person on demand. The following are lists and descriptions of the herbs usually used to address specific conditions. These are modified for each individual to have the best possible effect.

Our herbal treatments contain extracts of herbs to support healing in the systems of the body, as well as Bach Flower Remedies to assist with relieving the psychosomatic and emotional trauma associated with particular conditions.

Herbal Treatment Descriptions
Quick Order – Herbal Treatments for People

Herbal Treatment Descriptions

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Quick Order – Herbal Treatments for People

Custom-made Herbal Treatment by Caraf Avnayt

No condition occurs in isolation. Herbal medicine prepared for your or your loved one’s unique needs would have a better chance of restoring health and well-being. It is also much more convenient to have the one or two herbal tonics instead of many different ones.

At no extra cost, have Caraf prepare a treatment with herbs chosen for your individual needs. It takes just a few minutes.

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4 oz – 113 ml Custom Prepared Herbal Medicine with Bach Flower Remedies

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Need help choosing the right herbs for you?

I have helped hundreds of people over the years, to become independent of prescription drugs and artificial stimulants to manage chronic conditions and recover from debilitating conditions.
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